I Made It! Market is a nomadic pop-up marketplace created to give established and novice artist's the opportunity to sell their works regionally and locally.



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I Made It! Market features artisans from across the Pittsburgh region offering modern, handcrafted work. Some of our artists have been with us for ten years, others for months, we are always growing and evolving.

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Jamie Frischman

Operations Manager


Social Media Guru, Mom, and Carrie’s right hand. She doesn’t consider herself to be crafty and is always in awe of the talent within the I Made It! Community

Bekki Stack

Event Staff


This super mom of 3 is as crafty as they come. Holding a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Special Education, she also carries the title of Girl Scout Troop Leader. You can find her around at events with a big, contagious smile.

Zachary Ursin

Event Staff


One of I Made It’s do anything people, Zach might be found setting up and breaking down spaces, inputting names into the email lists, or greeting people as they come to shop at I Made It! Zach has a Masters Degree in the Art of Teaching and is always looking at the work of the artists for inspiration in the classroom. Just find Zach and he will help you in anyway he can.

Jesse Gettemy

Event Staff

Intern and co-leader of the I Made It! Cheer committee. Jesse is currently working towards a degree in Communications at Kent State, with just 2 months left until graduation. You may recognize him as a staffer at 1820 House Candle Co., where he assists in all aspects of running their brick and mortar. You can find Jesse (and his great shoes) at IMI events where he's always cheery and ready to lend a helping hand.


Starting in May 2007, I Made It! Market started popping up offering artists the opportunity to sell their handmade wares. The market has traveled across the city, partnering with cultural and community organizations along the way. As we’ve evolved a community of creative makers has congregated making connections and starting businesses, contributing to the local economy and supporting families.


Carrie launched the I Made It! Market in 2007 with Pittsburgh celebrity Nina Barbuto of Assemble.

Carrie & Nina were placed next to each other at a craft market at Carnegie Mellon University where Carrie was selling jewelry and Nina ceramics and illustration. The two got to talking about how there were an incredible number of talented artisans looking to sell their work and not so many places to sell or consign at the time. They decided on the spot and made all of the arrangements to hold their first pop up market at the Garfield Artworks on a Sunday afternoon for “I Made It! Sunday Market”.

Carrie Nardini

Market Director


Given the choice of organizing her office or a craft fair, you can guess where Carrie will focus her time. Once the event organizing bug bit her it has been almost an obsession to bring new opportunities for artists.

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