Aunt Carol’s Dips: Spicy or Sweet, Homemade Dips to be Beat

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Aunt Carol clearly knows the power of the free sample. Indeed, at many I Made It! markets, you can find her display because of the hordes of shoppers pushing each other in order to hungrily dip pretzel sticks and mini graham crackers into Carol’s various flavors of creamy dips. It’s understandable. The sheer volume and [...]

Sugar Baby Display

Sugar Baby Soaps: Fresh, Fun, and Family Friendly

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  Unlike many I Made It! crafters, Heather Scatena wasn’t always involved in the arts scene. She confesses, “I was not a crafty person at all, [but] I always had a love for beauty products. One day, I decided to make a bar of soap, and a few months later I was making sugar scrubs [...]