• 0 Christopher Millard

    "I Made It! Market has been instrumental in getting our company off the ground. We generated almost a third of our sales in our first year from IMI in just 4 events. Each event was incredibly well attended, and some of our most loyal repeat customers met us at an IMI event."  

  • 0 Eryn Hughes, Apothecary Muse

    "I Made It! Market has acted as a maker incubator for my retail operations, mobilizing me to learn and adapt my practices to include inventory forecasting, determining my customer niche and organizing my administrative functions with a variety of pop-up events in partnerships throughout the area.  I highly recommend participating in one of the IMIM to any maker or artist that is motivated to share their work in a public format."

  • 0 Paul and Laura Fruehan

    We have been participating in I Made It events in the Pittsburgh area for over 6 years.  They have helped us develop a strong following and our sales have grown each year.  We always look forward to the annual South Side Works exposed and Holiday Markets.  The crowds are always great and the fellowship with fellow artists continues to grow.  

  • 0 Elizabeth Brandt - Paw Kids LLC

    We have been doing events straight through almost the entire year for the last 3 years with I made it!! Every event we have done with them have been extremely organized, almost always someone available for questions. In our vendor world it very important that we are given every detail about loading, unloading, parking, for everything is spelled out for us a few days before the event. The Holiday show is unbelievable the amount of vendors and customers that work all together with great flow. Lots of variety in the products, so important in events so people do not get bored of the same old, same old. The Flea is a fantastic well organized outdoor event, the variety of vendors is great! The food trucks are great because they are different the one from the other.   All in all, we are privileged to work alongside a great organization!  

  • 0 Lynn Patton

    I have been a vendor with both I Made it Market and Neighborhood Flea and I jump at the chance to be a part of one of their events. The staff is really helpful and very supportive. They do a great job of filling their shows with new and returning vendors, always something new to see. The marketing is off the charts. I always say that Carrie can draw a crowd in a hail storm and it's true!  

  • 0 Carol Skinger, Carol Skinger, Artist

    So many artists so few galleries There was a time when I said I will never, EVER sign up to show my artwork in anything resembling a line of pop up tents or simply a line of tables. I imagined all the worst weather situations, or schlepping my work and having nothing but bored people file by. The first time I tried it at a Rachel Carson festival it was a howling rainstorm, pretty much what I expected though loved the place (at the house in Springdale). Time went by and I decided to try it again this time with Carrie Nardini and her various IMI venues. I got over my resistance and learned so much about facing the public and coming up with display formats all with lots of support from other arts vendors and from Carrie. There is no doubt that appearing in public is very important. While I have been in solo shows and group shows and gotten recognition and some awards there are never enough galleries to get your work I front of eyeballs. This is another way, a different way but a very valid way. You connect with an audience who like art but often don't go to galleries anyway.    

  • 0 Tandi Stivason, Jarred

    We do the I Made it Markets & Neighborhood Fleas. We love these shows, they are so organized & the communication sent out is top notch. Carrie & her team are so helpful at the shows & truly care about the vendors & how they do. They have a wonderful following & their advertising brings the customers in from all over the area. The jury process really helps the vendors to ensure there isn't an over saturation of the same items. My husband & I always look forward to these shows because we know we will always do well.    

  • 0 Jessica Lepak

    I started working with the IMI team in 2015.  The Holiday IMI show in 2015 was my first large scale show.  Carrie was so patient with all of my questions and incredibly supportive and excited for my shop.  I felt very welcome from day one when I walked into the space with an infant strapped to my back, a preschooler 'helping me' haul inventory and sweat on my brow.  My business has grown since 2015, and I account some of that growth from the support of the IMI community.  The events not only gave me a chance to reach a larger local audience, but it also allowed me the opportunity to meet other makers and learn from their struggles and experiences.  I am grateful for each event I'm given the opportunity to vend at and truly am appreciative of all of the work the small and mighty IMI team does.

  • 0 Cindy O'Data

    Three years ago I moved back to the Pittsburgh area and brought with me my small business.   I was anxious to get established in the area but unsure where to turn. I did some online searches, the one name that kept appearing was the I Made It! Market.  I was interested in the nomadic artisan idea!   We did our first show with I Made It! Market the following Spring in a down pour but the sense of community was overwhelming. We were hooked!   When you say you are part of I Made It! Market to most people in the Pittsburgh area it means something. I have watched the crowds. They recognize the "brand" and I truly believe they associate it with artisan quality products.   The people in the I Made It! Market has been fantastic. I found my tribe when I joined this group of nomads.  Carrie Nardini and her associates are professional. They get things done, they work like a well-oiled machine that is also totally fun and encouraging.  Did I mention yet that you understand she and her team truly care about every person and business in the group. I have totally enjoyed every interaction with every person in the group and look forward to a long association with them. Would I recommend someone join the group?   Absolutely!  Come join the tribe. We are waiting for you. Cindy O'DataOwner / DesignerPazzen  


2017-12-16 - I Made It! at Cranberry Commons
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