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John the Craftist is a local paper-craft business which is just entering its second year. In May of 2010, shortly after a routine oral surgery, I developed a chronic neuropathic pain condition.
 One of the only things that kept me motivated and determined was the kind and thoughtful cards that arrived with the mail. It cheered me immensely to discover a colorful envelope with actual handwriting in a stack of medical bills.
I’ve always enjoyed craft and correspondence, but both seemed to take on an almost urgent appeal as I began to recover. AndJohn the Craftist was born! I wanted to design cards that would have the power to change the course of someone’s day.
John the Craftist is Pittsburgh-proud. My products are inspired by local culture, creatures of the deep, Victorian weirdness, mid-century modern design, German stamp art, and bold color; I strive for whimsy and humor.
Let’s save the world through craft, correspondence, and decent penmanship!
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6 responses to “John The Craftist”

  1. Thom Downing

    I’m a Pittsburgh native who now lives outta tahn but is interested in buying some of the “He Knows If Yinz Been Nebby” and “Yinz is How Old” cards.

    Can you provide me with information for the artist so that I can see if there’s a possibility for me to order directly from him or her?



  2. Carrie

    Sure! We forwarded this on to her!

  3. Carolyn Mendus

    Please send me information as to how I can order “yinzer” cards!

  4. Carrie

    we sent your comment to the artist! Thanks for your inquiry!

  5. cheryl schademan

    I am sorry if you got several of these from me, on my phone I did it twice and it looked to me like they did not go! SO I am doing this from work a third time! I am interested in purchasing the Nebby Holiday cards, thanks!

  6. Carrie

    No problem Cheryl! We’ll send your info to the artist!

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