The Finest of Fine Artists

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Some Fine Artists

Morgan here again! I Made It! Market loves to feature artists of all sorts and we noticed we have a lot of fine artists joining us for our holiday shows. What is fine art? According to Google it is: creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. Interesting! (Just like everyone we have at our events.) I’ll give you the low down.


Audra Azoury

Audra Azoury Jewelry is sleek, beautifully designed steel jewelry “inspired by the world we live in.” The product is extremely aesthetically pleasing as you can see. Audra aims to connect the elements of Earth and industry, finding inspiration in her every day life. I love that. An extra plus to her work is the fact that all material used is locally found, reclaimed or recycled. There’s never a day where we aren’t astounded by the artists we work with! Catch Audra at our I Made It! for the Holidays event and see some of these masterpieces in person.

Jim Zaccone Photography

Jim Zaccone Photography has a whole  collection of dynamic and gorgeous photos of the city of Pittsburgh. Jim combines his beautiful digital work with the styles of watercolor, pen and ink and charcoal prints to create a stunning portfolio of work. The extensive amounts of work Jim has put together over the years may make it hard to find just the right print, but I guarantee you’ll find something – especially if you’re a Steel City lover. You can find his prints at a whole bunch of our markets as well as the Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh Center of the Arts and Visit Pittsburgh! It’s great to have such involved artists, right?! I, of course, recommend visiting Jim Zaccone Photography right at our I Made It! Market for the Holiday event where you can speak to the artist himself and view his lovely prints then drift around in our craft extravaganza.

Joe Ireland Photography

December 6th and December 13th are amongst 4 fantastic Saturdays of handmade in Shadyside and are the dates Joe Ireland Photography will be joining us at our Shop Local, Shop Handmade in Shadyside event! This fine artist takes gorgeous photos of Pittsburgh and the rest of the world. Joe is a self taught photographer who takes truly astounding landscape, cityscape and nature photographs. It’s obvious he has a natural talent and you can ask him all about it on these two Saturdays! Get a coffee from Walnut Street, stroll on down to 809 Bellefonte Street and join us for a great afternoon of local and handmade – and of course Joe Ireland.



I can’t say we have a favorite product genres or even a group of favorite genres because of the vast amount of incredible artists we have. However, it’s no doubt that our fine artists produce some extremely beautiful work and can’t wait to hang out with them at our events. See you there?

Oh, one more thing. Be sure to check back soon for some special news from another one of our fine artists, Ashley Cecil!

Cute pillows by Ashley Cecil!

Food…Glorious Food (pt. 2)1

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We’re covering all the bases on delicious treats.


Hey all! It’s Morgan from the I Made It! team.  In our last post we talked about Aunt Carol’s Dips and Batch but only mentioned Gluten Free Goat Bakery and My Goodies Bakery. We realized that there is no way we could only mention them and not explain the goodness that lay within their sugary realms.


My Goodies Bakery

Once you’re done salivating over the images above, let’s talk about My Goodies Bakery……good? Great.

I bet you’re already sold on coming out to both our I Made It! Market for the Holidays event and Last Minute Shopping at the Boyd Center to pick up some of My Goodies’ treats. However, I will sweeten the deal by letting you know My Goodies is focused on allergy free goods and dietary preferences. A majority of these baked goods are vegan, gluten free and allergy free! Amazing, right? My Goodies hooks up everybody by ensuring that your diet is accommodated. And don’t worry to all of you who just are here for some yummy sweets, they’re universally good as the entire I Made It! team can attest.

Gluten Free Goat Bakery

We try to keep things professional over here at I Made It! but I’m just going to put that aside for a moment and say…OMG. The IMI team got to try some fantastic gluten free donuts and almond milk hot chocolate from Gluten Free Goat Bakery this past weekend. We loved it. They are gluten free, vegan and soy free. Catch these bakery geniuses at our Shop Small, Shop Handmade in Shadyside event!

What more could you ask for? Two bakeries. Endless options. Catered to everyone’s dietary needs.

These events happen before all of our New Year’s Resolutions, too, so everyone’s in the clear. ;-)

Food: Holiday Edition

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Come one, come all…for the FOOD!

For all of our events, we bring vendors from all trades and genres to join us! As human nature goes, we adore the food vendors. The holidays are coming up and we wanted to take time to tell you more about two of our food vendors: Aunt Carol’s Dips and Batch!

Aunt Carol’s Dips

              If you’re familiar with I Made It! then you have to be familiar with Aunt Carol and her dips! Aunt Carol offers a variety of dips which come in sealed little bags filled with a magical powder made by Aunt Carol in the flavor of your choice. When you head home with your little bag of surprises and mix it with cream cheese or what have you, it turns into the most decadent dip you’ve ever had. What we’re trying to say is Aunt Carol’s Dips are a hit for midnight snacks and holiday parties alike! Plus, she is one of the sweetest people you could possibly meet. Plus plus, she has samples of her dip for you try at every event. Plus plus plus, the holiday market is the most fun thing and birthday cake dip + pretzels while you’re walking around a room full of lovely vendors is the best way to spend Black Friday weekend! Aunt Carol will be waiting for you with a smile.



           Our holiday market is always full of wonderful things, new and old and everything. We are very pleased to welcome Batch to the I Made It! lineup for the holidays. Batch will be offering up artisanal jams and jellies at our I Made It! for the Holidays event. Ruby Spice, Carrot Cake, Strawberry Mojito and Monkey Butter are just a few of the awesome flavors that Batch has. What we are really loving about Batch is the fact that most of the ingredients they use are locally sourced or grown by the makers!


We will also be having some excellent bakers that fit within almost all dietary needs, My Goodies Bakery and Gluten Free Goat Bakery.



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Check out more info on these super cool packs at the PuzzlePax Facebook!

I Made It! Market At The Waterfront in Homestead

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We’re appearing two times in August at The Waterfront!

Our regularly scheduled Summer Music & Marketplace Series is all set for Saturday, August 16th and we’re popping in again on Saturday, August 23rd for a Back To School event in place of our rained out July 19th marketplace.

Get to know our August 16th Artists & find out who will be back on August 23rd. Get updates on the Facebook event including the music line-up and back to school activities.

On August 16th

Enjoy music from  DJ Digital Dave & Meeting of Important People Acoustic and farmer’s market items from Lengel Brothers Farms.

On August 23rd

Dance the day away with Olga Watkins Band and Mikey Yurik. Snap free photos at our photo booth with your friends and register to win for some great Back to School prizes!

**Don’t forget- if you spend $100 or more that day at the shops at The Waterfront you can stop by our Back to School BONUS tent and get a $20 gift card as a reward for your purchases that day. First come first serve**