Many thanks to our 2015 Sponsors!

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Our generous annual sponsors!

Port Authority of Allegheny County, Techshop, Drawbridge Games, Square, Green Mountain Energy, Whole Foods, and  Yelp Pittsburgh. We are so grateful for your continued support!

And to our event sponsors!

Zero Fossil and Green Mountain Energy who are energizing the market

Artists and Craftsman Supply who will be providing a make and take holiday card craft

T-mobile at 5th and Smithfield for providing us with mobile hotspots so our artists can accept mobile payments

AssembleJordana Zober Cutitta of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, and Little House Big Art for sponsoring our kid’s activities

Renewal by Anderson who supports small business owners and artists throughout the city

Faros Properties for allowing us to pop into Nova Place

And last but certainly not least, our amazing volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you!

I Made It! Market is humbled by your generosity!

Pittsburgh lovin’ at I Made It! for the Holidays

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 It’s your ‘burgh



Let’s face it, Pittsburgh is awesome. Our artists are awesome. Share your love for our beautiful city through one of these creative and unique Pittsburgh themed gifts. Here are just a few of the many who will be representing the ‘Burgh at I Made It! for the Holidays!

Jewelry N’at :: copper and brass hand-cut Pittsburgh themed jewelry

Steel City Cotton Works :: vintage tees inspired by Pittsburgh sports as well as socks, pins, pennants and more

Smalltower Press :: fun art prints of our great city’s landmarks and skyline

KloRebel Art :: wearable art pieces, home goods, and other specialty gifts from Pittsburgh themed original illustrations

Show your hometown love with a handmade, one of a kind gift this holiday season at I Made It! for the Holidays, November 27 + 28 at Nova Place!



Q & A with Sew Appealing

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Meet Kara Hohn of Sew Appealing!  Sew Appealing is a home-based sewing business that uses trendy fabrics to create handmade baby bibs & burp cloths, toddler pocket bibs, nursing covers, kitchen aprons and embroidered tote bags. Read more about Kara below, learn how Sew Appealing came to be, and shop her adorable goods at I Made It! for the Holidays, November 27th & 28th at Nova Place!



What inspired you to start your business?

I was inspired to start my business through conversations with friends and my sister. I found my son could pull most bibs right off his neck, and all my burp cloths were boring (stained) plain white cloth diapers. My niece was a “drooly” baby, and my sister was putting a dry bib on her twice an hour. After sharing these frustrations with some other “mom friends”, I realized there was a need in the market for stylish and functional baby items and that I could use my sewing talents to solve our problem. We brainstormed together and they helped me list some essential items, and then functions of those items, and Sew Appealing was born.

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to continue to grow my business in the Pittsburgh area. I started my business in Medina, Ohio, but my family moved home to Pittsburgh two years ago. Since then I have worked hard to reestablish my business in our new area, while still attending some markets in Cleveland too. It has been a fun challenge, and so rewarding to already have established a loyal following here.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Do what you love.

What’s your favorite piece of work you have created?

My favorite product is the toddler bib with the snap up pocket. My youngest child is 4 now and still wears one now and then. The bib is a great size to cover and catch the dropping Cheerios for a 6 month old, and still works perfectly to absorb the messy spaghetti for a preschooler. Many things we buy for our little ones seem to be “just right” for such a short time, I am so proud to say that these bibs can be used for several years!

Name one thing you can’t live without.

Coffee, coffee coffee :)

When do you feel the most creative?

Honestly, anytime my home is quiet. I have 3 young kids, so it doesn’t happen too often, but when it does I feel so organized and creative (and I can actually focus!)



I Made It! for the guys

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Find the perfect gift for the men in your life at I Made It! for the Holidays! We’ve got the guys covered, so don’t fret over what to get. Tees, hats, socks, and shaving supplies are just a few of the many handmade essentials available for you to shop. Not only are these gift options suitable for any guy on your list, but you’ll be spared the headaches of shopping malls, long lines, and crowds during this busy time of year. Do yourself (and your guy) a favor and shop small at I Made It! for the Holidays! We’ll see you at Nova Place on November 27th & 28th!

Meet Dan & Deborah of Goods and Evil

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Say hello to the creative duo behind Goods and Evil. They strive for balance.  Occasionally they are both good…or both evil. Goods and Evil creates hand-screened shirts, pillows, bags and vinyl decals. From grains to brains, they’ve got you covered! They design to incite, whether that’s a smile, exposing a hidden truth or a simple nerdy recognition, their intentions are sometimes more than just fashion. Shop their super cool “goods” at I Made It! for the Holidays!

What inspired you to start your business? After many trips to L.A. only to return with suitcases full of cool T-shirts, we decided it was time to make the shirts we wanted to wear. We took a class at Manchester Bidwell and couldn’t get enough. We bought a press a few weeks later and have been enjoying every minute. It’s great to be able to design and print shirts that reflect what we’re passionate about, and even more exciting to see other people wearing our designs.

What are your goals for the future? Growing our designs and the skills to print more complicated pieces is always our biggest goal. For the future, we would love to eventually have our own retail space but for now we are building our on-line business and focusing on finding stores to carry our shirts. In 2016, we will also start branching out to participate in other maker and vegan events around the country.

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others? Don’t be afraid to try something new and explore your creativity and abilities. We’re always trying to push ourselves to create designs and pieces that are different than other artist’s styles. And stay true to yourself. When we’re designing, we create things that we ourselves want to wear or buy. If we wouldn’t wear it, we don’t create it.

Name one thing you can’t live without. This will sound sappy, but the answer is each other. We’ve been creating art together for over 20 years. People often say to us that they don’t know how we can work together, but honestly we’re a great team. One balance’s out the other and in the end the design and work is better for it.

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited? If we have to choose just one, we’d say London. We’ve gone many times and are always blown away by the artwork and architecture. The old and new come together in a strange and beautiful way. The major museums are just amazing and there are so many interesting galleries and art in public spaces that challenge and inspire us every time.

Neighborhood Blonde :: I Made It! for the Holidays Artist

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Say hello to Shelly Picard of Neighborhood Blonde! Shelly creates upcycled household goods and we must say, her work is pretty darn cool! Her creations include cards, recycled notebooks, pillows, knitted accessories and more. She uses recycled, repurposed, and found paper as well as paper made with soy-based ink as much as possible.

Learn more about Shelly below and be sure to shop Neighborhood Blonde’s eco-friendly, one of a kind wares at I Made It! for the Holidays at Nova Place on November 27th and 28th!



What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always created, even as a child. But I never considered myself to be creative; it’s taken me a long time to be able to say that about myself. I started my business simply because I enjoyed creating, and I wanted to see where it would take me. I took a deep breath and did my first show with the I Made It Market six years ago. It’s been a fantastic journey!

What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

I’m originally from NJ, but Pittsburgh has become home. I fell in love with the topography, the diverse neighborhoods, and how the people call the city “town.” And of course, I met my husband here!

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?

If someone has a desire to start a creative business, I say go for it! Owning your own business is work, but it can help you learn more about yourself and what’s important to you. I’ve also been privileged to meet and befriend some amazing women through the creative community here.

Name one thing you can’t live without.

I can’t live without my morning cup of tea. I love the warmth of the ceramic in my hands and that first delightful sip!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I already have a superpower – I find things my husband loses!

Free holiday card making with Artist & Craftsman Supply at I Made It! for the Holidays

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On Saturday, November 28th, Artist & Craftsman Supply will provide a FREE holiday card making table at I Made It! for the Holidays! They will supply the cardstock, pre-cut pieces of exotic printed papers, glue, stamps, markers, and other items that shoppers can use to create your very own cards to take home!

Artist & Craftsman Supply, an employee owned company, has been providing artists with excellent materials at competitive prices since first opening in Yarmouth, Maine in 1985. They now have 18 locations in 13 states.

Their stores carry a wide variety of supplies for all types of arts and crafts that are on average 15-20% off of the manufacturer’s suggested list price. Educators and students also qualify for 10% off their purchases. Check out for more information!

5 reasons to SHOP SMALL this holiday season

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With the holiday season fast approaching, we’ve put together a little list of reasons to shop small. When you shop small, you are investing in the local economy. When you shop local, you support all the things that make Pittsburgh the great city that it is. The money you spend here, stays here.

1. It’s fun!
Eating baked goods, sipping coffee, and listening to a DJ spin tunes while you shop is way more fun than going to a big-box store and standing in long lines.

2. Better customer service
Often times you can meet the artist that actually made the product you are purchasing. They can answer any and all questions you make have.

3. Unique gifts
Why be limited to things you find on store shelves? Find that special one of a kind gift you’ve been looking for. Custom orders are often welcomed as well.

4. Community
Shopping small and local provides an opportunity to personalize your shopping experience and to get to know your neighbors. We think that’s pretty cool.

5. Quality
When you shop small you are getting a handmade item verses something mass produced and likely not made in America. Local artists can tell you every ingredient that goes into making their wares.

There you have it, just a few of the many reasons to shop small this holiday season. With over 100 artists, I Made It! for the Holidays has your shopping list covered. Get it all done at once and sit back, relax, and enjoy the season!

Artist Spotlight :: OTTO FINN

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Meet Rona Chang of OTTO FINN. Rona and her husband Ross curate fashionably functional children’s accessories and thoughtfully designed home products for the design conscious consumer. Each of their unique items embodies a clean, modern, and natural aesthetic.

We are proud to have OTTO FINN joining us at I Made It! for the Holidays, 11/27 + 11/28. Learn more about Rona, her goals, and how OTTO FINN came to be below.


What inspired you to start your business?

For years, my husband Ross and I had the idea to collaborate on a home products business to combine our aesthetics, maker skills and design sensibilities. Our move to Pittsburgh and our son Otto, was the catalyst to getting OTTO FINN off the ground.

Otto is our constant inspiration. I am a professional photographer but found it hard to go out and photograph with a baby in tow. When Otto was about 9 months old, he would just crawl out of his pants. The waists never stayed on even though he wasn’t a particularly skinny baby. During his naps, I began to get back into sewing by designing and making pants that fit for him. I hadn’t really sewn in years so there were lots of tutorials from Ross on our industrial sewing machine. The business began with children’s clothes but we’ve transitioned out of that (currently only making children’s accessories). We have evolved by screen printing our own fabrics and adding to our Dwell line.

What are your goals for the future?

Ross is renovating our house so our immediate goal is to get it to the point where we can move into the upper part of it and he will slowly work his way down. Long term goals? A new kitchen because the current one dates back to 1951! I’m really looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to decorate the WHOLE house.

What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

I’m from NYC and while that was hard to give up, I’ve embraced the transition and grown to to feel at home here. The livability of the city is what I’m drawn to. There’s plenty of culture, parks, affordable housing, space, great pizza and Trader Joe’s! (Trader Joe’s and good pizza were my two requirements before moving here.) Piccolo Forno and Slice Island are my favorites.

Name one thing you can’t live without.

Authentic (spicy!!!) Thai food. I haven’t found any in Pittsburgh yet that has all the herbs, heat and hits all the right notes. I always eat at my favorite Thai restaurant when I’m back in NYC.

When do you feel the most creative?

As a parent and wife, I try to focus my attention on my family when I’m with them. Our studio at Radiant Hall is my retreat where I can think clearly about our work and concentrate. My time in the studio is so precious to me. When my studio mates pass by or stop by to chat, we usually talk about something inspiring, help each other resolve issues we might be stuck on or give each other advice. Since I’ve joined, it’s been a great place for me to create and a great community to be part of.

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

Literally? Iceland!

I went twice years ago and loved exploring the island, its micro climates, topography and the hot springs!