Artist Spotlight :: OTTO FINN

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Meet Rona Chang of OTTO FINN. Rona and her husband Ross curate fashionably functional children’s accessories and thoughtfully designed home products for the design conscious consumer. Each of their unique items embodies a clean, modern, and natural aesthetic.

We are proud to have OTTO FINN joining us at I Made It! for the Holidays, 11/27 + 11/28. Learn more about Rona, her goals, and how OTTO FINN came to be below.


What inspired you to start your business?

For years, my husband Ross and I had the idea to collaborate on a home products business to combine our aesthetics, maker skills and design sensibilities. Our move to Pittsburgh and our son Otto, was the catalyst to getting OTTO FINN off the ground.

Otto is our constant inspiration. I am a professional photographer but found it hard to go out and photograph with a baby in tow. When Otto was about 9 months old, he would just crawl out of his pants. The waists never stayed on even though he wasn’t a particularly skinny baby. During his naps, I began to get back into sewing by designing and making pants that fit for him. I hadn’t really sewn in years so there were lots of tutorials from Ross on our industrial sewing machine. The business began with children’s clothes but we’ve transitioned out of that (currently only making children’s accessories). We have evolved by screen printing our own fabrics and adding to our Dwell line.

What are your goals for the future?

Ross is renovating our house so our immediate goal is to get it to the point where we can move into the upper part of it and he will slowly work his way down. Long term goals? A new kitchen because the current one dates back to 1951! I’m really looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to decorate the WHOLE house.

What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

I’m from NYC and while that was hard to give up, I’ve embraced the transition and grown to to feel at home here. The livability of the city is what I’m drawn to. There’s plenty of culture, parks, affordable housing, space, great pizza and Trader Joe’s! (Trader Joe’s and good pizza were my two requirements before moving here.) Piccolo Forno and Slice Island are my favorites.

Name one thing you can’t live without.

Authentic (spicy!!!) Thai food. I haven’t found any in Pittsburgh yet that has all the herbs, heat and hits all the right notes. I always eat at my favorite Thai restaurant when I’m back in NYC.

When do you feel the most creative?

As a parent and wife, I try to focus my attention on my family when I’m with them. Our studio at Radiant Hall is my retreat where I can think clearly about our work and concentrate. My time in the studio is so precious to me. When my studio mates pass by or stop by to chat, we usually talk about something inspiring, help each other resolve issues we might be stuck on or give each other advice. Since I’ve joined, it’s been a great place for me to create and a great community to be part of.

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

Literally? Iceland!

I went twice years ago and loved exploring the island, its micro climates, topography and the hot springs!

Q & A with B.Z. Wood Crafts

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Meet artist Bobby Zugec, the creative mind and maker behind B.Z. Wood Crafts. B.Z. offers high quality fine finish wood crafted home decor, home accessory items, and welcomes custom orders. Each piece is carefully curated by hand with a high attention to detail and uniqueness and made from 100% reclaimed wood.

We love bringing artisans to the I Made It! Market and getting a look into their processes and talents. Learn a little about wood crafting, Bobby’s inspirations, and the mastermind himself below and be sure to find B.Z. at I Made It! for the Holidays, November 27th and 28th at Nova Place.


What inspired you to start your business?

Seeing all of the artists , woodworkers and crafters at shows and festivals around Pittsburgh over the past few years was my biggest motivation. Seeing all of the young people trying to make it on their own and taking the risk to give up a steady job and giving a shot at doing what they are passionate about. That was my inspiration to take a chance on myself.

What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

The fact that Pittsburgh and surrounding areas continue to grow and allow people like myself and others with up and coming small business owners to grow with it.

What’s your favorite piece of work you have created?

My favorite piece would have to be the wine rack which was made from a piece of a bulldozer track drive sprocket. Since I was a kid, I have been a heavy equipment fanatic. So it allowed me to incorporate my love of heavy equipment with my passion for wood working. Side note, my original plan as a child was to be a heavy equipment operator. But instead I took a bit longer path that landed where I am today. Needless to say, I am truly happy with where this path lead me.

When do you feel the most creative?

When I discover something like a piece of wood or metal or some other object that can be made into something, into anything I want.. Which can happen any time or any place. . That’s when my creative gears start to turn.

What is your favorite place, attraction, or hidden gem in Pittsburgh?

Good question. I have actually not visited this location yet. But I have been told that there is a street somewhere around Pittsburgh that is made entirely of wood. Which is amazing to me that it has lasted for a several decades.. C’mon, what other city has a street made of wood? Right? Gotta love the Burgh.

Meet the Maker :: Diana Kauffman Designs

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Say hello to Diana of Diana Kauffman Designs. Diana Kauffman Designs is handcrafted in Sewickley, PA by handcrafted people, offering statement jewelry pieces for both men and women for everyday wear.

We are thrilled to have Diana joining us at this year’s I Made It! for the Holidays Market.
Read below to learn more about Diana and her beautiful jewelry.




What inspired you to start your business?

I had been making jewelry for a couple months and was getting a good response from a local store and online. As sales grew, it made sense to me to start Diana Kauffman Designs and offer my pieces to more stores, so in 2013 I officially started the business.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Measure twice, cut once.” It’s true. So many production problems can be avoided by careful planning in your business.

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?

If you want to turn your craft into a professional business, know your numbers. Take the time to figure out your costs, your labor and your profit margin. Otherwise, you will only have an expensive hobby that takes your time away from your family.

What’s your favorite piece of work you have created?

My first little bracelet. It had wood beads and a bird’s nest in it. It is horrible, but I cannot bring myself to throw it away.

Name one thing you can’t live without.


When do you feel the most creative?

In the morning or late evening, or when it is raining. Always when it is raining. Lucky for me I live in Pittsburgh!

Who is your hero?

It sounds cheesy, but my husband, Brad. Truly. He is the exact opposite of me; he’s calm, cool and collected. He is the most grounded person I know and is incredibly successful in his own field. Yet he has always made the time to help me in this business every step of the way.

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

I’ve had so many opportunities to travel, it is hard to choose the coolest place. But I would have to say my most memorable experience was being out in the bush in Senegal, West Africa.

Gearing Up for Fantastic Holiday

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Meet our I Made It! for the Holidays artists and learn more about the event! Click on the flyer below!

Halloween in East Liberty!

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What are you up to early Halloween day? Join us for a day filled with fun activities in East Liberty with the Chamber of Commerce and be home in time to trick-or-treat!

The day will include Pop Up Stores, a social media Scavenger Hunt, Trick or Treating, horse-drawn wagon rides and shopping/dining deals, IMI and more! Apply to be a vendor. 

Where to find us this weekend! Saturday, September 26th

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 Here’s where we’re popping up! :: Saturday, September 26th 

Get out and enjoy the crisp (almost Fall) air this Saturday.  I Made It! Market will be popping up at two separate locations, both family-friendly, and most importantly-FUN! We hope to see you there!

Allegheny Green + Innovation Festival

From 11 am – 4 pm we’ll be at the 6th Annual Allegheny Green + Innovation Festival (AGIF) at the Hartwood Acres Park Amphitheater. The festival highlights innovation and sustainability in our region and occurs in conjunction with Hay Day – a fun-filled family event featuring a petting zoo, hay rides, inflatables, arts and crafts, and other activities for individuals, kids and families. Meet our artists and join us on Facebook.

 Squirrel Hill Night Market

From 6 – 10 pm we’ll be back on Murray Avenue between Forbes and Bartlett Streets for the Squirrel Hill Night Market! This “open street” model will allow for a leisurely night enjoying art,shopping, music, food, and friends. This month we’re bringing it even bigger and better! Meet our artists and join us on the Facebook event page.


Call for Speakers + Artists for Maker Faire Pittsburgh!

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Pittsburgh Makers!

APPLY FOR the Market @ the Faire is organized by Maker Faire collaborator Assemble and is for indie crafters and artists wishing to sell their creations at Maker Faire Pittsburgh. Applications will be accepted through Sunday, September 13; for details and to apply,

We are still looking for some presenters to do talk on the following for Maker Faire Pittsburgh:

  • Impacts of making on the economy, the environment, the community, education, or government
  • Do-it-yourself (how to make something or how to approach making),
  • Do-it-together (how to use making to improve relationships or community)
  • Do-it-better (how to improve your skills)
  • Stories of personal journeys as makers
If you are interested or if you know anyone who would make for an interesting and exciting speaker on any of these topics, please encourage them to visit the Call for Makers site and propose a People are also still welcome to sign up to be a maker, too! Stay tuned for the Call for Vendors for The Market @ Maker Faire

FEASTival! Saturday, August 1

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I Made It! Market is excited to join FEASTival in McKees Rocks. A day of amazing music, food trucks, family friendly activity and CRAFT! Check out their Facebook Event for all the info!

Meet our Artists and come on down to McKees Rocks!

We’re BACK at Whole Foods Market Wexford Sunday July 26th

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welcomes us back right in front of the store from 10 am – 2 pm on Sunday, July 26th. Enjoy a leisurely brunch, get all of your shopping done and grab a coffee to shop the 12 local IMI artists spending the afternoon in Wexford.

Meet our Artists and RSVP on Facebook for updates