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We are excited to begin offering resources to help creative small businesses get ahead with marketing, public relations, establishing their business structure, new media and other initiatives that all go into running your own successful enterprise.

We’ve joined into a partnership with the organization neigh*borrow. Check out our neigh*borrow group where the I Made It! Market community (you are a part of our community) can offer items to help makers in their work or, alternatively, borrow something you really need to try out a new design, participate in a market or just get yourself organized. Items may be loaned/borrowed for free or may include a small fee for use. You must register with neigh*borrow to participate and I Made It! Market does not guarantee any of the transactions- that’s up to you as a thoughtful and helpful neighborly community! And seriously, who is more neighborly than a Pittsburgher? Check it out here:

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