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So, You’re Not Sure How to Get Started Selling Your Handmade Wares? And you are Ready to Put your Creative Business Online!

Or, you are NOT New to selling your Wares… But you ARE Short on Time to Manage your Online Presence?

I Made It! Market’s Organizer, Carrie Nardini offers:

Creative Entrepreneurship Start-Up Packages: Let me get you started in selling your wares and establishing your small crafts business. For those new to the game, a start up package will get you started on a sales site of your choice including Etsy, Artfire, Shopify or another turn-key storefront website. I will walk you through a first-time marketing plan and determine your social media needs. We’ll discuss your vision, goals, mission and product. Email to begin the conversation.

Personal Marketing Packages: You are already there – you have an Etsy shop, a blog, you have grown your facebook fan page and have a following on Twitter but whoa! when is there time to create product? Let me help you by managing your messaging. We will strategize about what marketing practices will give you the most impact for your time and set up an calendar for your blog to take some of the pressure off.

Social Media: After holding a social media communications position in the corporate world, I decided to focus on helping Makers find their way in the web of technology and over communication that can bombard us day in and day out. If your organization, small or large is looking for a personalized Social Media Action Plan or Strategy I have created successful plans and timelines for both individuals and large corporations. Targeted messaging is key when reaching out to customers, we will drill down and find your target market before embarking on a new strategy.

Social Media management is also available for organizations with the knowledge but not the time to manage their social media presence.

Speaker: I am available to speak to groups about starting your own business, growing a business from your passion, taking the next step in your creative business journey, entrepreneurship and more. Let me know what you are looking for and we can make that happen. Speaking engagements can be followed up with individualized WorkShops.

In the meantime, email for more information.

Testimonial: I can’t say enough wonderful things about Carrie Nardini. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Carrie worked with me to help expand my social media options, and I was amazed at how much she was able to teach me and, more impressively, how well she explained everything. I would say that I am relatively media-savvy, yet Carrie was able to show me techniques and resources that I had no idea existed. She is incredibly well-versed in the social media area, as evidenced by the huge success of the I Made It! Market and the ease with which she handled my business needs. The value of Carrie’s service far outweighs the minimal consulting fee she charges, making her consultation one of the best investments I have ever made. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone who would listen!

~Lucy McClure, bel Monili

About: Carrie

Carrie has been crafting for many a year. Possibly born with a beading needle in her hand, her fascination with all things crafty was cultivated through years of summer camp, classes at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, inspiration from friends, family, neighborhood moms and her grandmother. Ask her about her grandmother’s love for needlepoint and knitting. Carrie is a disaster of a knitter. She enjoys making a mess in the kitchen cooking primarily old family recipes and what her brother calls hippy food.

Carrie has a degree in English Writing and a Masters in Business Administration from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. Currently, Carrie works in Marketing and Social Media and will be using her skillz to provide business development, marketing and public relations services to budding creative entrepreneurs. Many handmade makers have expressed a need for a little boost with marketing and small business services that will take them to the next level in selling their wares and building a market.

Her desire to work as an innovative entrepreneur in the crafting realm dates back to high school when she started setting up booths at craft fairs and demonstrating glass bead making, bead weaving and macrame. The macrame tricks learned at camp came in handy while working at Tela Ropa in college weaving her way through more than 2,000 custom necklaces.

Find Carrie onĀ LinkedIn, email her at or just say hi at the next market. Carrie loves to meet inspirational, motivated and happenin’ peeps and also loves coffee, boston terriers and her hubby.

If you are interested in learning more about Carrie’s business development services for artists – contact her at

Additonal Professional Services

Contact IMI co-organizer, Nina Barbuto, Director of Assemble who offer a number of creative professional services. Contact Nina at

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    wondering what your fees are for helping me move forward in my creative painting business. Please let me know if I am able to afford your expertise.

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