Call for Speakers + Artists for Maker Faire Pittsburgh!

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Pittsburgh Makers!

APPLY FOR the Market @ the Faire is organized by Maker Faire collaborator Assemble and is for indie crafters and artists wishing to sell their creations at Maker Faire Pittsburgh. Applications will be accepted through Sunday, September 13; for details and to apply,

We are still looking for some presenters to do talk on the following for Maker Faire Pittsburgh:

  • Impacts of making on the economy, the environment, the community, education, or government
  • Do-it-yourself (how to make something or how to approach making),
  • Do-it-together (how to use making to improve relationships or community)
  • Do-it-better (how to improve your skills)
  • Stories of personal journeys as makers
If you are interested or if you know anyone who would make for an interesting and exciting speaker on any of these topics, please encourage them to visit the Call for Makers site and propose a People are also still welcome to sign up to be a maker, too! Stay tuned for the Call for Vendors for The Market @ Maker Faire

FEASTival! Saturday, August 1

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I Made It! Market is excited to join FEASTival in McKees Rocks. A day of amazing music, food trucks, family friendly activity and CRAFT! Check out their Facebook Event for all the info!

Meet our Artists and come on down to McKees Rocks!

We’re BACK at Whole Foods Market Wexford Sunday July 26th

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welcomes us back right in front of the store from 10 am – 2 pm on Sunday, July 26th. Enjoy a leisurely brunch, get all of your shopping done and grab a coffee to shop the 12 local IMI artists spending the afternoon in Wexford.

Meet our Artists and RSVP on Facebook for updates

Aunt Carol’s Dips: Spicy or Sweet, Homemade Dips to be Beat

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Aunt Carol clearly knows the power of the free sample. Indeed, at many I Made It! markets, you can find her display because of the hordes of shoppers pushing each other in order to hungrily dip pretzel sticks and mini graham crackers into Carol’s various flavors of creamy dips. It’s understandable. The sheer volume and variety of available samplers is enough to awaken the inner glutton in the best of us, and, once you fight your way to the front of a crowd to get a taste, its easy to see what all of the fuss is about.

The woman behind it all, Carol Sedora, isn’t just a smart businessperson. She’s primarily an artist and master of flavors, with a perseverant spirit and a gentle manner. Family and friends knew of her cooking talent long before her first business venture. “I was always a good cook. I always made dips…my mother was a great cook, and she was good at baking too,” explains Sedora.  Aunt Carol’s Dips was born later, when Carol experienced remarkable success at a local church craft show. She remembers, “I went with four dips, and I sold out…now I make over 80, and I bring only about half of those to each market.” After visiting an I Made It! event and hearing a satisfied IMI crafter gush the I Made It! crafter experience, Carol decided to join the IMI! community, and just this past year, took the next step to become one of our Ultimate Artist Sponsors.

The best aspect of Aunt Carol’s Dips, besides their taste of course, is their accessibility. They’re so easy to use that anyone can make the luscious dips at home using just Aunt Carol’s mixes and either mayonnaise/sour cream or Cool Whip/cream cheese (the latter is typically used in the sweet dips). Carol explains it this way: “if you can stir your coffee in the morning, you can make my dips…they’re quick and easy. That’s why everyone likes to make them.” Its true, the labor-intensive part has been already taken care of by Carol, her business partner Vianna Bandi, and her assistant Judy Barnett.

Aunt Carol and her partners take care to make sure that every dip mix is composed of the highest quality and most natural ingredients possible. She emphasizes the purity of her dip components, asserting, “We use only high end spices, that are [unlike commercial dips] not all emulsified. You can see the peppers, the onion in it. You can see all the ingredients.” If the process of assimilating all of these ingredients seems arduous, that’s because it takes extreme drive to make products like Aunt Carol’s Dips into a successful business venture. To all aspiring crafters and business owners, Carol has this advice: “It’s going to be a lot of hard work…just keep chugging along.” This tireless crafter truly knows the power of perseverance. Her dynamic spirit, and the yumminess she brings to each I Made It! event make her an integral member of the I Made It! Market community.

Meet the Intern!

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Bri Ana Wagner is thrilled to be interning with I Made It! Market this summer. She is an incoming senior at the University of Pittsburgh. Bri Ana plans to graduate, in spring 2016, with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts. In the near future, Bri Ana plans to pursue a career in event planning. She is thankful that I Made It Market! is teaching her the tools to fulfill her dream.